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Our Environmental Policy

Responsible Steward of the Environment

It is the Environmental Policy of Coating Technology Inc. to conduct all aspects of its business as a responsible steward of the environment. CTI commits to continuous improvement of the company’s environmental performance and accepts responsibility for conducting its business and operating its facilities in an exemplary manner, consistent with business considerations, protecting the natural environment, and conserving the world’s resources.

CTI will:

■ Comply with all applicable laws and regulations
■ Conserve energy and materials whenever possible
■ Strive for continuous improvement in the company’s environmental performance
■ Educate and train employees to work in an environmentally responsible manner
■ Document and track environmental protection improvement objectives
■ Audit environmental performance and implement corrective actions promptly
■ Assess potential environmental impacts before commencing new business activities
■ Plan for emergencies with the potential for adverse environmental impact
■ Encourage responsible environmental behavior by suppliers, contractors, and customers
■ Share environmental protection technologies and techniques with the industry and the public to the extent feasible

CTI integrates appropriate principles, programs, techniques and practices into a dynamic environmental management system which guides our managers and staff in the performance of their duties and towards achieving our policy goals.

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